My iPhone can't Charge using original cable or MFI cable

Hi guys, my iPhone 6 can't charge using original cable or MFI cable but it's able to charge with the counterfeit one without any problem. And when i tried to use my original cable and the MFI cable i bought from Apple Retail Store on my mom's iPhone it charged flawlessly without any problem but everytime i use it on my iPhone 6 the "This accessory may not be supported" notification is always pop out.

Anybody knows my iPhone 6's problem?


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Does the charger port plug in fully? Sometimes there may be dust / debris blockage inside the charger port which requires using a toothpick or something similar to that to remove the blockage so the charging cable goes in fully.

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I had the same issue with my iPhone 6 using an orginal charger a few nights ago. Did a reset on the phone by holding down the home button then push the power button, hold both buttons until the apple icons comes on. After the reset phone has been charging fine.

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i do try to clean the port and even I do replace the Lightning Connector Assembly but still nothing. I was doing reset and restore the iPhone as well but still not working, yeah i can use the fake lightning cable out there but it's super slow to charge my iPhone --"

Thanks for your responses anyway!

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I got the same problem. Any suggestion? I did replace the lighting connector assembly and still got the same issue. Slow charging; can't detect some cables.


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