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Why the device doesn't turn on with the new display assembly?

After the display assembly replacement, the device doesn't turn on, but only shows (full screen) the battery (as if it would be out of charge) and the lightning plug icons.

Once I plug it in, only the battery icons remain, and if I disconnect the battery (while the plug is in) it shows the apple logo for a few seconds and then gets shuted down.

Is there something I could try before contact the vendor asking for the replacement?

Thank you all ^^

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Try disconnecting the battery and reconnecting it again after a few seconds. I had a similar problem and this worked for me.

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Thank you Klaus :) it tooks me a bit more than a few seconds, but it finally works!

I also had to keep it under charge for a few minutes (as suggested by the support).

Btw, thank you again!


Yeah, usually this means battery is flat or bad contact with both the battery connector and the battery ribbon cable plug itself, replugging it solves this issue most of the time.


You're very welcome, glad it worked:)


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Usually there are 5 possible reasons for the problem:

1. Power Distribution Issue

2. The Dead Battery Issue

3. The Damage Board Issue

4. Assembly Issue

5. Problem with Flat Cable Connection

You can find more details here: What to Do When iPhone Won't Turn on after Screen Replacement

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Sorry, but I can't follow the link.....just says 404


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