Phone overheated and now no audio works!

So a month and a half ago my phone was left on a counter and someone knocked over a cup of water and the phone got wet. I instantly took the battery out and put it in rice for about 10 hours. When I took it out the phone worked perfectly. There were no signs that anything had happened, except for the water damage stickers turned red.

For a month the phone worked fine, audio worked, camera worked, flash worked, nothing was wrong with it. Then I made the mistake of leaving it in the car when we went rafting. It was in the car for five or six hours with the temperature that day being in the hundreds. When I got my phone it was burning hot, and the power was off. The phone wouldn't turn on past the LG logo screen. The screen itself had overheated so much it was warped at the top!

I finally got it to turn on later that night after giving it a few hours to cool down. It was glitching really bad at first, but then settled. The only thing not working is the audio! The external speaker, the headphone jack, and the earpiece speaker, none of them work. Every once in a while they will all suddenly start working again, but then I'll set the phone down and they'll stop again. And when I try to connect it to Bluetooth it glitches the phone out and the phone won't work for a few hours until I get it to work enough to turn Bluetooth off.

Does anyone have a solution for this so I don't have to spend $200 on a replacement?

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