iPhone 6S LCD with digitizer

Can someone tell me if the replacement parts you sell are certified Apple, or from China? Also does it come with some kind of warranty?

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Certified Apple? You don't buy iPhone screens certified unless you are a authorized Apple repair center if I'm correct and it's going to cost a lot more than the ones you buy from China or suppliers.

Warranty usually comes from supplier or seller of the screens. Under manufacturer defects and not damage on screen done by user error or improper installation.

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What Ben says, and the "certified Apple" parts are made in China anyway. That's where the original equipment manufacturers for for cellphone subassemblies are physically located, whether the branding companies are in the US, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Finland, Sweden etc.


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Here is the link describing their parts. Below I have provided the warranty and another link to the return policy.

iFixit Warranties

These are the various level of warranty iFixit offers to cover products sold from iFixit.com. Claims can be made by contacting iFixit Support.

Lifetime Guarantee (Full Warranty)

This iFixit product is guaranteed to function as long as you have it.

1 Year Warranty (Limited Warranty)

This product is guaranteed to function for one year.


This product is guaranteed to be as described on the product page on arrival. If it is defective, let us know and we’ll make it right.

User Error

We can’t cover user error. If you break a part during installation, we can’t replace it. If you accidentally damage the part after installation, we cannot replace it. Additionally, if you destroy a tool or tool roll due to misuse, we can’t replace it.

iFixit is not responsible for any damage to your device due to improper installation or accidental damage. This includes data loss.

Example: If you use a Pro Tech Screwdriver to punch holes in a wall, we won’t replace the driver. If you use a Pro Tech Screwdriver to turn screws and the tip fails, we’ll send a replacement.

Another example: If your replacement iPhone screen stops working a year after you installed it, we'll send a replacement. If you drop your iPhone and the screen shatters, we won't replace the screen.

Also, please see the return policy.

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Thanks for your replies. I understand the certified Apple bit, and the warranty clauses. So if I'm gonna replace a digitizer and LCD where can I get the best parts? Any recommendations?

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Ifixit or etradesupply.


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