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AM3 CPU in AM2 motherboard?


I just got a AMD Phenom II X4 955 from the Salvation Army for $1.99 and there are no pins bent. It says it is a socket AM3. I have a socket AM2 mobo laying around doing nothing. The CPU fits in the socket, but idk if it will actually be compatible. Does anyone know if this will work? I don't want to buy a new PSU, case and hdd just to have to buy a new mobo too.

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Google this: Will am3 processor work in am2 motherboard

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Unfortunately, you are only able to run AM3 processors on certain AM2/AM2+ motherboards, and only if the manufacturer provided a BIOS update supporting it. On the ones that are capable, you still won't have the full capabilities, as the socket/chipset weren't designed for it (such as Hyper Transport). Your best bet would be to find an AM3 motherboard, rather than gamble with your current one.

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