Poor standby battery life, even after battery replacement.


I recently switched to a second-hand iPhone 6, the seller told me about device's poor battery life, i was fine with that as i was going to replace the battery anyway.

However, even after the replacement, standby battery life is atrocious. The phone goes from 100% to 0% in around 8 hours.

Tried two different batteries (one of which was an original apple battery that came from another iphone) and the results are not different.

Things i've already tried

>checking battery stats (nothing out of usual)

>turning off all synchronization/background services

>soft and hard resets

>switching to iOS 10 beta

>restoring as a new iPhone

none of that worked, so i'm not really sure what else could be left

Surprisingly, i can pull off 3-4 hours of screen on time easily, even if the battery dies in 8 hours from standby drain. The new battery also reports cycle count, capacity and other stuff correctly when i examine it in ibackupbot.

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2 Soluções

I have exactly the same issue on my iPhone 5s, I've updated my phone, restored it from new and changed the battery over. Nothing appears to have worked! But as you said, I can still get 3-4 hours of screen on time, it's just standby that's the issue!

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Same issue with my iPhone 6..,Also I'm using a original charger...does anyone has a solution yet?

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