iPhone 6 Touch Screen not working.

So I have replaced the screen on my iPhone 6 but the touch screen does not respond unless the front camera pin connector is disconnected. Any suggestions?

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Problem sorted purchased new front camera assembly all working fine now.

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Thanks for posting this. This is something I will definitely note down in future repairs for iPhone 6 screen replacements.

Chances are the front camera assembly ribbon cable was damaged in some sort of way as you've replaced it.


I agree I probably damaged on removal or refit. Just so strange how the phone touch screen worked without the assembly attached but didn't responded with. Live and learn I guess still chuffed on the amount of money I saved doing it myself.


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The large rectangle part of the ribbon cable with the rectangle metal thing did you tuck it behind the large metal plate or put it on top of it?

As far as I know it should be behind the metal plate sitting on the black part behind the screen.

Also where did you get the screen from?

I'm assuming you followed the disassembly guide here?

Substituição do conjunto do painel dianteiro do iPhone 6

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Hey Nathan,

I'm an iPhone technician at Screen Fixed in Australia.

If the selfie camera flex, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor has been damaged it can mess things up with touch.

You'll need to replace that flex cable for the digitiser to function.

Hope my 2 cents helped.

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Here's a horn you can toot.

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