How to unlock dvd drive for different regions

is there a possibility to unlock dvd drive, to play dvds from different regions? i have MBP 17" which came from states. the drive is locked to region 1. as i live in UK, i need to unlock the drive, to play disks issued in UK, or should i say region 2.

i have tried two different programs, one of them is called regionx

the other one was dvdregioncodeunlock1.0

none of them worked for me.

i am running Leopard, fully updated, no buning software installed. is there any other option? how about changing drive for english one?



i have used utilities and all the guides from

there is way how to unlock and use superdrive from different region.

just have fancied to let you know, guys. someone mind find it usefull.

if i can be of any help, let me know.

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Depends upon the Drive

make model... It is a hardware issue the region change count/setting is kept in the firmware for the drive, even reinstalling your OS will not change it. The restriction is demanded by DVD copyright owners, just like standalone/external DVD players (which in many cases can't be changed).

There arefirmware hacks for some drives out there,

APPLE may/can reset it in a situation like yours as I understand it "certified techs" can reset the firmware about three times... your purchase/move of the computer may qualify... don't know if it would be free or not.

USE VLC or a third party DVD player app.

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Good Luck,


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it is an older MBP A1151. i have obtained it from States abot half a year ago. have done it up a bit and now im just sorting a little things... i have not tried to take it to Apple,yet. am trying to leave it as last resort. what i did, i have installed several utilities to allow to change the drive region code, none of them worked...

dont know the make and model of the drive, as soon as i get a little time, i will find out this.

thank you for sugestions...


Use Utilities->System Profiler->ATA to find make and model.


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The movie industry and Apple are committing a CRIME, not people trying to use what they bought with money which can be spent in every Region of the world (and what the heck is a Region, anyway? We don't speak you language).

I buy a DVD, I own it, I buy a laptop, I want to use it when I travel. I think people should force the law to change in their favor, not in the favor of @%^$$@$#.

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I am an international consult and travel to many countries. I paid for every DVD I have. You corporate criminals out there have fraudulently taken my money and will not allow me to use what I rightfully paid for. Shame on you, your day will come. And you wonder why people pirate your products. Idiots!


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All internal drives in Macs cannot be unlocked.

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However, the first five DVD's can be from any region, then the drive locks onto the region of the fifth dvd


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