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Top two rows of my iPhone are not working after screen replacement

After i replaced my digitizer and lcd, i encountered ghost touches and unresponsiveness in the first row from the top of my iPhone. Later on, when I was trying to figure out what the problem was, the the 2nd row from the top also became unresponsive. Now I am stuck in the setup stages after restoring my iPhone and cant get past it because i cant use the top of my iPhone. Please help!!I am open to suggestions!

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This is unfortunately a fault that can only be solved by replacing the LCD/digitiser assembly again.

It may just be a faulty part (I find them very hit and miss) or it could be that the flex got bent/crimped during installation. They are very fragile and don't take a lot to damage.

It might be worth removing the screen again to disconnect and reconnect the digitiser zif connector in case there's something wrong with the contact between plug and port.

Personally though I think it sounds more like a digitiser fault

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