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The Samsung Galaxy Note II is a smartphone noted for its combination of a large display and software optimized for an integral self-storing stylus.

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My Phone's Wi-FI range dropped

My Samsung Galaxy Note II [GT-N7100] Wi-Fi range is dropped, it will not connect to my wifi router while i moving from one room to another room and also while i sending files through Xender or Zapya i got full speed only while i keep both devices back to back, and the same thing happening while i turn on WiFi Tethering. my question is that is it my Note II's wifi hardware issue, if then can i replace that module ?

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Hello shahul1433 ,

It should be hardware fault, most common issue occur from the WiFi antenna. this guide will help you to teardown you phone (see Step 18 you can find the WiFi antenna) check the coaxial cable connectivity and check whether any small crack the soldered joint or coaxial cable not connected properly.

Also here you can find the part if required to replace it

Hope this answer will help you to fix your phone your self

Galaxy Note II Wi-Fi Antenna Imagem


Galaxy Note II Wi-Fi Antenna


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But that is Sprint SPH-L900 in the picture showed in Step 18 , my phone is GT-N7100 i didn't see WiFi antenna like that in my phone


Hello shahul, Troubleshooting method is same. can you please upload a picture of teardown phone and i will show you the wifi hardware. sorry for the miscommunication


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