iPhone 5 Keeps destroying battery


I have tried to repair an iPhone 5. The iPhone has gotten a new charging port assembly, new battery and a new lcd.

I did the repairs and booted it. It was working fine. But now I have discovered a weird flaw. Everytime you let the phone die , the battery is dead. Dead as in broken. I can't charge it after the phone died but I can charge it while the phone is active. I thought that I had received a bad battery so I received a new one but same result.

Does anyone else have a clue on how to overcome this?

Thanks in advance

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The U2 IC on your main board is fried. I can tell you weren't using an authentic apple charger. Your aftermarket one killed your iPhone. The U2 IC is the charging IC, it controls lock button, charging and a few other things. Unless your very good with microsoldering, it would be easier to get a new logic board.

P.S. The batteries still work, you just need to charge them :)

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I assume there is no way in bypassing this problem without getting a new logicboard? The iPhone is from one of my friends who asked me to repair it. I couldn't fix it due to this. Is the U2 IC controlling the charging when the battery isn't sufficient anymore?


Yes, you can repair it, but it is pretty hard. U2 IC is on eBay for pretty cheap, but it would be easier to send it to an electronics repair company.

How to replace it: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=r5pC6zVMgS...


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My iPhone 5 replacing new battery when closing all the smoke coming in phone at speaker side why???

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