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Trackpad tracking and clicking failures

I'm not sure if this is 1, 2, or more issues. For a while I noticed my trackpad would stop sensing my finger during drags of files/folders/etc.

I also noticed that 3 of the 4 corners now don't even click.

Any ideas if this just needs a cleaning, a new part, or?


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First check to see if the battery is swollen.

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battery is not swollen. i actually have a new one I was planning to install, but may abort if this trackpad issue isnt fixable. i recently installed a new disc drive and there was no battery swelling.


Well check it again. This just doesn't happen unless you spilled something on the trackpad and these batteries can work for years and go bad in a couple of days. Trackpad failures are very few. Removed the battery and boot from the just the mag-safe if you can and see if the issue persists.


It occurred prior to my last opening and replacement of disc drive. i saw nothing strange at the time. Are you saying remove the INTERIOR parts, or remove magsafe charger cable?


Remove the battery. Boot with just the adapter attached and check the trackpad action with the battery out.


I finally had time to install my new battery, and the trackpad issues are gone. The battery had swollen on one end, on the "up" side where I could not see it when the case was open, until it was removed from case. I now have a problem a the new battery is NOT being recognized, but I will post that elsewhere.


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