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Is Touch ID still irreplaceable?


I have been out of the iPhone repair game for a while, so I had to look up on how to fix the new versions.

People say that the Touch ID will never work, if it is damaged during repair. But some people say that Apple fixed the "Error 53" - or is it two different things?

Someone who is repairing iPhone 6, please answer this question: If the Touch ID is damaged during repair, are you doomed?

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Yes. Up to this day, if you break Touch ID, you cannot repair it, except if you "unbreak" it like microsoldering the broken cable back on.

Error 53 is only seen on devices with Apple Pay and is bypassed by Apple in a software update. But Touch ID is never going back if you break it, and it could stay in this situation for years.

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Thanks a lot. Any tips on how to not break the cable during repair?


Just don't touch it for iPhone 6 and above. If it is iPhone 5s or SE, use a special opening tool that limits the travel when opening the screen, or use the suction cup to open it up just a little bit and use a guitar pice to pry the LCD off. Then be really careful when plugging/unplugging the cable.


I meant during screen replacement.


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