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My battery was stuck, looks puffy.

My nikon coolpix p510 battery was stuck in the camera, when I worked at it and got it to come out, it looks puffy. It has not had any water damage, just sitting in the camera for several months of no use. Is this a sign of a bad battery?

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Short answer long Yes its bad

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Taking/Extracting a Stucked Battery Out of a Nikon Coolpix P510

1st off, pull the yellow tab to allow the battery to be pushed out.

-with the use/aid of a thin metal/sturdy objects like a knife and long-nose-plier; carefully/gently wiggle the stucked battery upward/outward of the camera's battery compartment until it's exposed enough to pull it out with the plier.

Once pulled out/extracted; carefully examine the battery and the battery compartment and the springs that made it pop out whenever you replaced the battery. If there's corrossion/rust; clean the corrossion with Q-tips and rubbing alcohol; and dry them before replacing the battery with a new clean one.

The main causality of this is a swollen Lithium Ion batteries. Be careful though not to puncture them because they might explode.

This procedure will hopefully work with other cameras with Li-Ion battery packs.

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I also have a Nikon 510 with the original battery. A week or so ago I needed to remove it to install another and I couldn't get it out. Was finally able to pry it out and it was bulged too. The best part is I just bought a Nikon B700??? I guess I'll be watching....

Mike T

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