03 Chevy trail blazer I need answers

I have a 03 Chevy trail blazer and I need to know what's goin on with it my boyfriend is a Mechanic He knows everything about cars and trucks so does my bother in law but they both don't know what's goin on with it so let me tell you .... What started this problem is we unhooked the battery one day and then put it back on before we did this everything was fine with my car but when we went to drive it . It would bog down unless we kept on the gas few days later it stoped doin that until we turned the cold air button on cuz I'm my car for you to have cold air you must press a button . It started doin that again But only when the button was on and it does it when we put the defrost on and we can't figure out what's goin on with it please help

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Great post. I really handy, so thanks:)


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You need to reset your ecm properly . When you disconnected the battery for a day the computer lost its settings if you dont teach it properly when you reconnect it it will not function . Try this disconect the battery for at least 2 hrs so the ecm dumps its settings . It actually helps drain the residual charge in the computer if you turn on the light switch while the battery is disconnected. once the car has had the the battery disconnected start it but under no circumstance touch the throttle . Let the car idle for a full 5 minutes once you hit the 5 minute mark take the car for a easy drive not running the car hard . nice and slow around the block . do not rev up the motor during this time . after a day of normal driving the ecm will have established its setting. Hope this helps

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Thank you so far so good we haven't tried the air yet though


when starting the air conditioning there's a power draw on the engine and the idle needs to readjust itself so if the computer is right now you shouldn't have any problem with the air or defrost


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