Ringer indicator won't disappear from screen

Today water was accidentally splashed on my phone. The side buttons won't work, but even worse, the picture of the bell that says "Ringer" that shows the volume indicator won't disappear. It stays on top of everything, and because it is opaque, this makes it hard to see stuff. Is the hardware irreversibly damaged, or once it dries out will the phone (hopefully) go back to normal?

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It would be a good idea to open the phone up and clean any visible corrosion, there is possibly corrosion on the connectors that connect the power/volume flex.

I would also clean out the headphone port. :-)

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Same. I had to call apple (several hours) and have them "troubleshoot" it. We tried everything. Resetting the network, factory reset. Nothing worked. So you have three options.

1) mail it in (2-5 business days little/no cost)

2) express (1 business day 29$ fee plus a hold on the retail value of the phone mine was estimated 658.01 for a 6s)

3) set an apt at an apple store (no cost) they fix it or give a replacement unless there is water damage

If there is water damage you're screwed because it is a 350$ charge.

How to check for water damage:

1) look in head phone port, power port, and SD card for a shiny red light. If you see this there is water damage.

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A ringer logo is disturbing me today. How i can avoid it ???

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