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Soaked by coffee is there a download mode?

My girlfriend is in tears because she lost all her pictures on her LG Optimus G Pro (E988)

I can get the phone into destructive restore mode. Is a way to recover her pictures? Please let me know if you need more info.

thanks in advance

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Is this your phone: LG OPTIMUS G PRO (E988)


LG OPTIMUS G PRO (E988) thnx for quick reply


No luck, Says I need driver, tring to find a driver for my lg now any help appreciated


No good. says i need drivers. trying to find now, any help appreciated


You'll need to search here: LG Support.

I found this: Software & Firmware


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OK now that we know the model lets review the users guide: LG Optimus G Pro Users Guide. Review page 18, it appears this model has a removable microSD card.

If your girlfriend used it to store here photos & vids all you need to do is remove it and then use a microSD to USB reader adapter like this one: USB 2.0 SD/MMC/MS Memory Card Reader plugged into your PC you should be able to recover the images.

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As far as I know she did not have sd card she did have sim card sh put it in new phone. is there any hope of getting pics of the phone itself?


You should be able to connect your phone via USB to your PC to access its files. Review page 11 in the users guide.


Trying but it just flashes lg. my only options are download mode and destructive restore. Is there awat to access filles in download mode?


Don't alter the phones settings, go to your PC and access the phone as if it were a external USB thumb drive you should see its files. You'll need to do some searching to find them in all of the folders.


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