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Released June 2014, identified by model number B051.

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How to disassemble Beats Solo 2 Wireless?

Beats Solo 2 and Beats Solo 2 Wireless disassembly are different. I have taken apart plenty of wired versions but on the wireless I get to the cup there is no screw like the wired but there is a hinge. How do I remove the cup without breaking the hinge?

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the only 2 beats with wireless bluetooth connection is not working the right speaker, while all works with the cable, what can I do ??


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u have to force apart the right side behind the speaker, the straight part under the hinge, than u have to melt the hinge holding 2 metal sticks out of place, maybe have to damage the plastic inside but later u can glue it back

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the 2 sticks inside looke like one metal bar, but no, they are 2, and u should pull away from the center, that is like the solo 1.0 hinge, when manufactured it only goes in, but cannot remove that without damaging the plastic, but here u have to damage only one side, remove that bar , force the rest apart, than later glue the metal bar with hot glue


How in the !&&* do you remove the bar from that metal hinge inside the earpiece? I tried this and I can't seem to get it apart. Are there pictures anywhere? I can't even seem to find video of this on youtube.


I am having the SAME problem. I am have to replace the hinge on my Solo 3's and CANNOT find pictures or videos ANYWHERE on how to do that other than sending them to someone and paying to have them fix it for me.

Have you found anything??


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