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I9505 switch off it self!

I have an annoying problem on a S4 that inserting the battery the phone turns itself on , you see the Samsung logo with white lettering , 2 seconds and then black screen ! I know that is a defective power switch and i replace it... the problem seems solved , but after a while the problem returns ! I replace 4 switch but nothing. What's problem! Help please

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You did everything right when it came to replacing the power switch. 90% a new power switch fixes that problem. The other 10% goes back to the logic board and replacing your power management chip which is not an easy task if not having the right equipment. I recommend have a local repai shop that does micro soldering work due that job. But not to many shops know we're to even get that chip( if they do they know there job very well) I hope this helps.

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Power management ic right?


I'm guessing some people do reball / reheat power management IC but it's usually best to replace it.

As these are basically BGA level repairs. (BGA stands for board grid array type of soldering if I'm correct) Where there are like an array of solder balls that are lined up to the component chips that sit on these solder balls basically.


For reheat, how many degrees and time? Where is the chip located?


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