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How to fix a cracked screen on a tablet

The screen on my Google Nexus 7 tablet is cracked. It doesn't look too cracked to me anyways but I was kind of hoping and wondering if there is a way to probably fix the cracked screen without paying any money at all?

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Nope. Sorry. Cracks in glass don't just seal up by themselves. If it was the glass on your car you could call Safelite (Safelite repair, Safelite replace). But it isn't so unfortunately you'll just have to live with it my man.

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Sorry, no. A crack is a crack, and despite what some online sources tell you, there's no way to fix that with household materials. You will at least need to buy a replacement part. If you purchase a screen assembly (LCD + digitizer) the repair gets even easier.

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toothpaste always helps

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I don't see what toothpaste is going to do about a *cracked* screen, besides getting toothpaste inside your display.


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