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This instant camera from Fujifilm now boasts a slimmer and lighter body than previous revisions. The Mini 8 helps the photographer by alerting them the recommended aperture. It also has a High-Key flash mode which helps the photographer attain soft portraits for a stunning look.

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My Instax won't work

My instax switches on, all the red lights around the lens shines at once and when I click the button to take a picture, nothing happens.

It's definitely not the batteries.

Please let me know how and where I can fix this problem

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According to the camera's user manual, the batteries should be replaced with the camera switched on, which appears anti-intuitive because with most cameras exactly the opposite is recommended.

Quoting from the troubleshooting section of the manual:

Replace the batteries. only when the power is turned on. If you replace the batteries while the power is turned off (when the lens is retracted), the lamps on the brightness dial blink after turning on the power even with new batteries

Try the following: with the camera switched on, remove the batteries, then reinsert them. If the problem persists, the camera might indeed be defective and it is recommended to turn the camera off and remove the batteries immediately, then have it checked by a repairperson.

Note that you must use prime quality batteries in this camera. Fresh alkaline batteries from a reputable manufacturer are recommended. Be wary of cheap batteries bearing prestigious brand names, these may be counterfeits and will not perform well.

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Thank you for your response, but I started the camera as explained on the trouble shooting. Step by step.

I had new batteries inserted, I even tried Duracell AA.

Do you know where I can repair this camera? I am based in Cape Town


I don't have the faintest idea as I've never been in Cape Town :)

However, your best bet would be to ask around locally. If you know any photographers, ask them where they take their gear for maintenance and repair.


Hey I'm facing the same issue please help


Hi I have the same issue with our camera. All lights are on and it won't go off even if I change the batteries and the film


Ever resolved ?


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Daughter's camera has the same issues. Went thru 3 different batteries. Doesn't

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Did you check shopping malls and Camera stores ? Check online and call local camera stores. One another way is buying from ebay.

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