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Table lamps are designed to sit on tables. They are not floor lamps, which sit on the floor. Table lamps are usually shorter than floor lamps.

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Why does the bulb suddenly start to shake and then break down?

The light of my table lamp (that has always worked normally) started to shake and after some minutes switched off and was not working anynore. I replaced the bulb, and it happened the same again. What can I do?

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What is the brand name of the bulbs you are using and what type? Do you have any speakers near the lamp or anything else that might create a magnetic field? What country do you live in and what voltage are you running?


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Wow, does it really shake? Or is the base in the lamp loose?

Unplug the lamp and then check that the base that the bulb gets screwed into is tight and that the wires that come from the plug are wired in the clamp connectors are tight. If not use a (flat head or phillips) screw driver to tighten the clamps. Lamps shouldn't shake unless someone is shaking it or there is an earthquake.

Lamps are basic electrical circuits and should be easy to fix. You should be able to google fixing lamps on Youtube and there should be dozens of instructional videos.

PS: You should move away from Regular incandesent Light Bulbs, You should find the newer LED Light bulbs which are getting cheaper and last longer and use way less energy. I cut my electric bill by 200 dollars per month by changing all my house bulbs to LED bulbs. Which cost me about 400 to 500 dollars but I made up my investment in about three months.

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Thank you for your answer!

maybe I expressed myself wrongly, I meant that the light (not the lamp) was trumbling, namely switching on and off really fast and in the end it switched off completely. so i changed the bulb but the same happened again.

I will try to follow your instructions but there are so many technical nouns that I dont' fully understand them, anyway, I 'll try also to type it on youtube as u suggested or to take it to the repair coffee next month.


Sounds like you might have a fancy electronic lamp. Whats the make?


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