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Lenovo ThinkPad x130e. These Education Series ThinkPads are lower spec than standard models.

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wont turn on after item falling onto it near touchpad

My Lenovo x130e has not been turning on after a cup falling & hitting near the touchpad immediately turning it off & now not turning back on!, when charger is in the led night cones on to saycharging but nothing happens via power led light or screen. Please TIAfor any info.

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The cup caused a damage in the touch pad, the touch pad is connected to the system board, first you need to watch a youtube of how to take off the keyboard, it should be simple, you will need to remove the battery, and any source of power. unscrew the back cover, you will see two screws underneath that has a keyboard symbol, remove them, they flip the laptop, open the lid, slide the keyboard toward the screen, and take it out slowly, flip the plastic piece holding the keyboard cable to the system board. now there is a small white flat cable that is connecting the touch pad to the system board, remove it from the system board side (again flip up the plastic piece attaching it to the keyboard, after you disconnect the cable, plug the power in, and turn the laptop on. IF it turns on, shut it down and buy a new touch pad from ebay, used ones will be better (cheaper) but make sure they accept returns just in case.

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