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The Dewalt DCD771C2 is a compact, lightweight, high performance drill released in September 2013 whose usage is ideal for projects around the house.

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Why won't my Dewalt DCD771C2 charge when it's plugged in?

I plug in my charger to the charging station and leave it for a couple hours. After the allotted amount of time, the charger still hasn’t charged. I think the battery is defective, which I hear is common among Dewalt DCD771C2 drills.

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When placing your battery to charge, make sure that the battery snaps into the charger similarly to how it snaps into the drill. The battery will not begin to charge until this snap has occurred.

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The Dewalt DCD771C2 is notorious for having issues with its battery charging. Many people think the battery is defective after charging. This often happens because the battery is not actually clicked into the charging stand. Make sure the battery is pushed all the way into the charging station until you hear a loud click. There also should be a flashing, red light that appears when the battery is secured.

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