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Volume button flex cable replacement mute switch loose

I just replaced the volume button flex cable in a 6 (actually a 6 Plus). The mute switch is loose and doesn't work properly. It seems like it needs pressure on the top edge of the inner switch to function properly. When I press my finger on the top edge of the switch it clicks and functions normally. Without pressure, the switch doesn't click or work properly. I've transferred everything from the old cable. The back plate is installed properly. I can't figure out how to keep it in place to work properly. I've replaced tons of volume and power button flex cables in other models. It took me a while to figure out some things especially with the iphone 5 power/volume flex but I'm very experienced with these types of cable replacements (5 years of pro repair experience) and I'm stumped with this one. Please help! Thanks!

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This may be a stupid question but have you checked the buttons to see if anything has peeled off on it or the screws are in the correct spots? Maybe you need to loosen it or tighten it more?


I also have encountered this problem, I have done many replacements for earlier iPhone models but for some reason after replacement it either isn't a solid click motion or doesn't work all together. The only way I have gotten around this is purchase a new housing and remove the volume/mute button component as a whole unit and insert into original housing. It means I am purchasing a housing that will most likely not get used but it is the only way I have found to be as good as an original replacement. If anyone has anything to add that has worked for them I would love to hear it!


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Thanks for the reply but everything was installed correctly and all screws were tight. Nothing is missing. The switch does work correctly but only when pressure is applied on the top edge of the switch assembly. There is no bracket for the top edge. I even took apart the volume/mute switch flex cable and brackets on one of our shop i6 tester phones to try to figure out the issue. Comparatively, I see no problem with the replacement job we did. In the end I had to get the phone back to the customer so I created a shim to keep pressure on the top edge of the switch when the phone is closed. Sorry I didn't take any pics of all this (too busy cranking out other repairs). This works as long as that little shim stays in place. I glued it to the top edge of the switch since it seemed like a tiny piece of double sided tape was not going to be enough. When the phone is closed, the back of the screen puts pressure on the shim which puts enough pressure on the switch to work properly.

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