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Screen black after replacement, old screen doing the same thing.

I replaced a screen on an iPhone 6 with a new screen. As soon as I plugged in the new screen, the phone buzzed. When I went to test the new screen, the screen would not turn on. I replugged in the old screen and it would not turn on either.

The phone works fine and still buzzes when hooked up to a charger or a computer. I've tried the following with no luck:

-Unplugging the battery for awhile.

-Verified that all connectors are clean and no prongs are bent.

I've been replacing screen for a long time and have never come across an issue like this before.

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What kind of message do you get when plugged into iTunes?

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Well, I figured it out. When removing the cable for the screen, I somehow knocked off a small resistor on the logic board. Figured it out from YouTube with people having a similar issue. :(

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Are you sure you are plugging it correctly? If so, you might have smashed the connectors whether on the screen or the logicboard, they are very sensible. Remember not to hold the screen in 90º with the case, or you will damage the flexs.

Do you have another iPhone 6 where you can try on the LCD?

Let us know how it goes!

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