No touch screen after lcd replacement

Hi all, after replacing a broken iPhone 6s lcd assembly with a new one, the screen does not respond to touching. I did everything right, moved all the small parts etc.

When I tested the phone with the old screen (broken glass) the touch was working again.

I think I got a bad replacement part. Is there a way to tell?

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Thank you all for your comments. I did clean the connector with isopropyl alcohol and checked again, but it still doesn't work. Seems like the replacement screen I got was faulty. Thanks once again for the suggestions.


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check on the new screen if there is no dust/hair on the connectors, after that test the screen again. if you still have this problem you've a faulty screen

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Marvin is right. If you have a test device you can test the faulty screen, maybe a friend willing to let you open theirs and try the screen. But sounds like a straight forward bad part.

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Double check Digitizer connector. Make sure the metal part on the ribbon connector is flat and not concave. If it concave then it may cause problems like this. Also additionally hold the lower button with the display plugged in but battery unplugged. It may get rid of any residual power or static build up on the phone. After that if the Digitizer / touch screen is still not working properly then you can conclude that it is indeed a faulty screen.

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Warning: You should disconnect the battery when disconnecting / reconnecting the LCD

Just take the screen off completely, disconnect all ribbons.

Get a cotton tip, rub it into some isopropyl alcohol and clean the terminals.

Reconnect the screen.

Turn on the phone (without reassembling the entire thing, you can connect the home button optionally)

Test if LCD responds.

If it works, awesome.

Your problem most likely is when you screw the IO plate (the 4 screws into the metal thing) is that it's quite the tight fit and it loosens your connection when you try to put it back together.

Once it's complete and your LCD is connected and touch is working..

If it flickers, like.. your refresh rate seems to have gone down.. DO NOT WORRY, just let it be as it is, within 10-20 minutes the flickering will eventually go away.. if it doesn't leave it for a day, it will disappear.

If somehow it doesn't, disconnect and reconnect.

I didn't put the plate back, I found it too difficult to do.

Also reconnecting those three ribbons are a little weird, but don't worry, just run your finger up and down along the terminal to make sure it's flat.

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