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Earpiece speaker trouble after LCD replacement

Hello guys, let me explain you what is going on.

You all know, when you play a voice note/audio on whatsapp you will listen the audio coming from the loudspeaker, but when you put your phone on your ear you would listen the audio coming from the earpiece speaker.

The thing is, yesterday I replaced the LCD because the outter glass was broken; now the audio from whatsapp is always playing out from the loudspeaker, even when I put it close to my ear.

What can I do? I re-opened it and all the cables are connected.



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Did you do a "small parts comes on the screen assembly" or did you transfer everything over from the broken part? If you transferred everything over from your old screen you may have not got the little gold tabs on the prox flex aligned with the spring connections on the ear speaker. The metal cover that covers the ear speaker could also be screwed tighter than needs to be or loose.

Also, during transfer the prox/front facing camera flex may have been torn or damaged in some way. Inspect it or replace it. Check the connectors on the prox flex and logic board to see if any damage has occurred, the connections are easy to smash down when reconnecting.

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@frankjames well, I did all you suggest. Unlucky me, now I've got white lines on my LCD and the prox sensor still not working :(

The thing is, why the front camera works but the prox/light sens does not?

What did I do wrong?


White lines are do to (a.) digitizer not plugged in correctly (b.) damaged LCD during the operation (c.) damaged connectors.

Do the lines look digital or are they all over the place. Can you attach picture?

Did the prox sensor work before you went back in the device? The prox, if it is still attached (may have been ripped off the flex), may be misaligned to the window on the front of the screen. Did you use the little metal square that was on the original screen? Some new replacement screens do not come with these attached so you have to transfer them.

Lastly, you may have to replace the prox flex. Order two in case one is bad. They are cheap $5-$10.


@frankjames I attach the pic of the white lines; when I do a screenshot they do not appear:

I am using everything that was in the first screen. I made sure it was perfectly aligned with the metal dots ( The only thing I do not see is the following transparent plastic "frame" (

I will try replacing the flex, maybe I damaged it, otherwise I will buy the LCD Screen and Digitizer Full Assembly, that includes the whole thing so it's just connect the flexs and go.


Those lines are from the digitizer not being connected correctly. I have received replacement screens that would have this pattern and could not get rid of it so I returned them for a swap. But try to plug them in again after you have inspected the connectors on the motherboard and screen.

The plastic bezel aligns the prox to the window. Some techs leave these out and the prox will work. I have done both. When left out the prox would sometimes not work so I just started putting them in all the time-saves time opening the device back up.

The gold contacts have to be spot on to the spring connectors on the ear speaker.

A thought about buying screens with the small parts on them. I have bought screens with the small parts on them and have ended up replacing those various small parts because a prox or camera wouldn't work. Also, the prox flex would ground out and "red screen" the device or throw up the white text at the top.


@frankjames I guess I lost that transparent plastic bezel because it is not on my old screen :/ nevermind, I will replace the prox flex and see what happens, anyway, how tight to each other do the gold contacts have to be? because in my case they are in contact but not totally together.


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I believe your problem is simply your proximity sensor is not aligned properly with the hole on the LCD panel. ;d

It is annoying to align it, I didn't really bother, thus my iPhone's screen doesn't turn black when I raise it to my face during a call. ;d

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How can I align it properly? The little frame that holds the sensor got lost so... would that piece help me? Cheap to buy so I'm willing to do that.


The little rubber grommet? Yes. ;d

Edit: Oops. It's an iPhone 6. I suppose it might be the same, but yes. ;d


The larger sensor is the proximity sensor, not the smaller one that has a rubber cover over it, I think this one is the ambient light sensor to change the auto-brightness thing. You will need that plastic cover if you want better mounting but I've done iPhone 6 screens before without the plastic holders, I'm puzzled how they still work fine with proximity sensor to this day.


Interesting. On the 5 the rubber grommet's on the proximity sensor. (The little circle to the left of the ear piece when looking at it)

So they've moved it? Hmm.


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