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A 7" tablet with a Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) operating system.

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charged all night now will not turn on what's wrong?

Why won't my tablet come on or charge?

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BTW The microusb port does not work for charging. Need the OEM pin-plug adapter or a compatible pin-plug adapter 5V 1.5A (+) tip


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Maybe the battery has gone bad.

Do you have another tablet like that, which works?

If so then try taking the battery (if possible) out of the tablet that isn't coming on or charging and put the battery which is in the working tablet into the other tablet, if it works then you know the battery has gone bad. (make sense?)

However if you don't have any other tablets try replacing the battery.

Though the port thingy where you put the cable in to charge could of fried whilst it was charging..

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It dont want to keep a charge and it cross on the main screem

Update (06/08/2016)

It dont want to hold a charge and cross on main scream

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it is stuck on voyager lll screen and wont go to lock screen charges but wont go from there

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