black shadow on lcd screen

So i replaced my LCD screen on my iphone 5 and as you can see in the picture there is 4 sports spaced out on the top of my screen. It is very visible against a white back ground. I was think there is pressure on the lcd from the back plate so I loosened the screws. Is there any way to get rid of this?

Block Image

Block Image

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That's not due to pressure. I think it's a bad quality screen and probabaly happens when the backlight behind the screen has gaps at the top where the light escapes.


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I agree with what Ben said. It appears your screen is faulty and not of high quality. Try an iFixit screen instead! Problem should be solved.

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iPhone 5 Screen

Third party parts will usually yield third party problems

iPhone 5 Screen Imagem


iPhone 5 Screen


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I had installed an OEM screen on my 5s, replaced the buzzer and put a new battery in. Had the same thing - "faint squares on the top of the screen" especially visible in passcode and locked screens.

The rest of the LCD looked great.

Took the screen off again. Made sure everything is connected properly.

Put the screen back on - same story. Had a look for possible clues and noticed that the body is all "wavy" due to tension somewhere.

Took the screen off again. Removed the shield plate all together above the clips. Made sure that everything is clipped in 110% as the board was mushy and had signs of dampness or water damage. Loosened the screen assembly screws.

Popped the assembly back in.

The shadowy squares at the top have disappeared.

Everything works well


So inn my case it wasn't the cheap Backlight / LCD layers (although i did drop it on the tile floor from a decent height) but RATHER the dodgy logic board connectors and the chassis flaws

p.s. Long story short - do only those 5s's only if they have NOT been opened before.

Otherwise think twice who tried to repair it and what was the history of that handset

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