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Repair Guide and Support for Lightning McQueen RC Car toy. 1:24 scale RC car from Dickie Toys. Article number(s): 203089501 for basic Lightning McQueen 203089538 for metallic variant

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How do I open the bottom cover?

I'm trying to repair/clean my son's Dickie Toys Lightning McQueen RC car, but I'm having troubles getting the car dismantled. There are three visible screws in the bottom (one under the batteries), but even after unscrewing all of them, the car body does not detach.

There are two weird-shaped holes in the bottom that look like they would maybe fit a T-shaped key about 5-7mm wide (and around 1-2 mm thick). Am I correct in assuming that they are used to attach/detach the plastic parts and that there is a special opening tool for these?

I could try to mock something up from a piece of plastic but I'd like to get some more information before I risk my fingertips with my crappy dremel.

An imgur picture of the holes:

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I had the same problem, after removing the 3 screws it would not detach. I found that the reason are the stickers at the back of the car. They go over the separable parts. After cutting through them with a screw driver the cover came of.

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