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Non working LCD display. (Electrolysis Damage)

I have an Ipod nano 4th generation with a non working display. On releasing the ZIF connnector I found the screen ribbon had corrosion damage on a couple of the contacts(inside the connector.) I'm a bit surprised at this because this stuff is gold plated. One piece of track had completely disappeared.

Does anyone know a way of repairing this or is it a scrap mainboard?

Update (09/24/2010)

Thanks for the suggestion but the damage is on the plug part,(ribbon attached to the mainboard) The display has the socket half.

I remembered a good many years ago using some conductive silver paint.

Have been able to get hold of some so will give it a try. will just have to make the smallest possible blob with a toothpick, then scratch the print away with a fine sewing needle.

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did you succed?


No, I gave up on that one. The shape of the contact tongues is complex. They do not run in straight lines so would be very difficult to scrape out with a chisel ended sewing needle.


I also have several ipods with this problem, would love to find a solution for this.

I have used silver conductive paint but no sucess.

I keep thinking if there is a way to cut the faulty riboon and attach a new one.

Maybe with a specfic connector...


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u can buy a new lcd display and replace it

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