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Can my backlight be replaced?

I have a 55' Vizio and I have audio with no picture. If I look hard enough I can see people on the TV.

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mckoyw there may be other boards (inverter board) involved here. What exact model is your TV? What have you checked? Do you have the back off and looked at boards?


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Unfortunately, iFixit does not offer the backlight component. It's not recommended that you go with an off brand item or SKU from eBay or similar marketplaces. These components may not have been validated for safety or compatibility, and the last thing you need is a nasty electrical fire.

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mckoyw replacing the inverter board should resolve this issue. I have replaced plenty of those with parts from reputable shops and have never had any negative outcome. Just because ifixit does not supply those boards does not mean you cannot get them somewhere else.

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