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The fourth-generation Surface Pro tablet, released October 26th, 2015.

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Any Way to Do Battery Replacement?

So, I think the battery is fried on the Surface Pro 4. It there any way to replace it?

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Hi @metrognome there is a way to replace the battery on the Microsoft surface pro 4 but I am going to say It's not exactly safe but here is a video on how to do it I can't warn this enough now seeing how the battery is actually stuck in place with strong adhesive but I would make sure you have acid resistant gloves and other protective gear like safety glasses just in case you puncture the battery. I am recommending you get butyl rubber gloves like these any mil except the single digit numbers is fine. I personally like the 14 mil but 13 will work fine to when doing things like this just to be safe they have resistance to anything so even though the price of the gloves are a bit shocking at first but when you are dealing with a pretty high risk of puncturing the battery I wouldn't put safety second. Now for the replacement battery It took me an hour but I was not going to give up and with all the searching here you go you can switch the site to different countries and I actually live in the United States so I don't why the website gave me the Australian version but oh well I hope this helps.

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