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No service after flight mode switched on and off


I switched the flight mode on for the night and switched it off in the morning and after that I've not been able to get service on my 4S. I tried restarting many times, resetting the network, tried putting the sim in a different phone and it worked fine. I haven't dropped the 4S or anything, it worked perfectly the evening before and the next morning it was an iPod and even though I am in wifi, I can't even receive iMessages on it. Apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, etc do work though.

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Take out your sim card, connect to wifi. Wait for the phone to be connected to wifi then set in your sim card.

If the sim card has a lock code on it, unlock it. If it's saying no service after that then it could be something wrong with your sim card.

Try another sim card if you can.

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try connecting it to a laptop or pc with the sim in. let it back up then unlug it. give it a few minutes and if still no service remove the sim and pop it back in again.

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