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Originally known as "The New iMac" the iMac G4 was created to replace the iMac G3 as Apple's all-in-one desktop computer. The G4 is easily recognizable by its swiveling monitor mounted above the hemispherical computer. Steve Jobs quoted it as being "a design that will last till the next decade."

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Screen dark computer still working

Can you still get replacement screens for a 17" G4? My favourite computer!!! External monitor works, screen is still there but dark.

Is the back lighting gone? Is there a manual to trouble shoot the screen? Is there a tear down instruction manual?

Any help would be appreciated.

Brian T

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If your screen works but is very dark it sounds like the backlight is dead.

It could be a cable failing. But beeing a stationary computer and rather old my guess is that the backlight simply died.

As to where you can get a replacement I don't know.

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