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How do I fit the hard drive temperature sensor

I have been given the above model and upon looking inside I noticed that the temperature sensor was lose. I have had a quick look and cannot see where it is supposed to be attached.

It is attached to the Hard drive casing.

Can anyone help

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Remove the RAM and you will see the small black Receptacle that it plugs into.

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+1 ;)


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Link to guide

Step 4, there you can see how the thermal sensor is placed.


I believe that the thermal sensor cable is connected to the underside of the logic board. See my comment for details.

I would remove the logic board from the case and look for a free connector on it's underside.

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Thank you for your answer. However it is not the answer I am looking for. As you will see from my original question the cable is attached to the drive casing. I need to know how and where to attach it to the base unit not the hard drive case.


Sorry, I misunderstood your question. If you take a look at the logic board guide it looks like the cable is seated on the underside of the logic board. I would take it apart and look for a mounting point that isn't used. If the cable fit's it is probably the one. Apple dosen't usually have unused connectors on their logic boards.


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