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Screen change color vertically after device wake up from dim or sleep

My lenovo smartphone s650 screen turn from normal to grey lines vertically after few second. the screen is normal when display just start up or dim but gradually changes after a while. the lines are not permanent but depends on graphic on screen. for example if the device show battery charging at centre with black background, it starts changing from normal colour to grey vertical lines across where the image is. my first thought it may belcd problem but i need second opinion just in caseit was cable or logic board problem.

Update (03/22/2016)

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Since the problem changes based on startup and what graphic is displayed it is probably a bad graphics chip.

If a machine is okay upon first start up, but something gets worse it remains powered on, that usually points to a heat issue.

The fact that the quality degradation depends on what the OS is trying to display and nothing else is affected, indicates a hardware or firmware video chip issue. Given that heat is a factor, I would lean toward it being a hardware issue.

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