How to fix a not responding, completely black screen iPhone 6

had 34% battery, all on a sudden it went black never came up. its been three days, kept on charging nothing happened. its not taking charge not even take reset or nothing shows on iTunes when i connect it. completely black no sign of anything.......!

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was the phone dropped or did it get wet? Did anything happen to the phone before this?


I tried to charge it with my car charger and as i plugged in , it went black


Check the charger port for any blockage of dust / debris / etc. If there is, try cleaning it with a toothpick or something equivalent. If the lightning cable plug does not go in fully then there is most likely something blocking it inside from going in to have full contact or any contact with the charging pins inside.


If you can still see all the pins up inside the charger port then your battery may have just gone bad and needs to be replaced.

I'm guessing you've done the usual troubleshooting steps of trying another lightning cable, AC adapter (wall charger).



yes i have tried all those , but my batter was fine , never had battery issues before


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Try disconnecting the battery and plug it back in, I've seen 3 phones like that the last month. I don't know what causes this. have a nice repair

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