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3rd party screen replacements

Hey guys, my shop ordered some 6s screens a couple weeks ago, and the 3d touch is completely messed up. some areas of the screens work, some dont. I cleaned the adhesive off from around the frame because it was kinda all over the place. thinking that would make it work..

so my question is, do you need to reapply adhesive to it? Or was my screens just bad.

If they are bad can anyone recommend a site where to get them from that are known to be functioning? (I'm in the EU)


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The 3D technology alone is not something that can be replicated easily by a third-party manufacturer. In addition the adhesive is not the means in which the touch technology works. The adhesive simply holds the glass to the digitizer and frame.

My personal recommendation is to take the phones to Apple and have them replace the screens. You can uncharge the client the added cost. In this way they will receive a genuine Apple sanctioned screen and home button, fully calibrated.

Question: Do you plan on using the same home buttons from clients that bring them in for repair? Or do these screens that you purchase come with their own replacement buttons? If so, the sensor will fail and you will need to restore to the latest firmware from Apple. This will disable the sensor but will no longer display the Error 53 code.

I would love to hear from you about this.



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ya but couldnt if some of the adhesive is off and some is on could effect how the screen sits in the frame and therefor effect the touch on the screen so was curious if it was the same for 3d touch.

I will use the customers original home button. I have a real nice trick for removing it with no damage :P


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Great place to get OEM original parts.

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Here is a 3d touch test on 3rd party screen replacements:

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