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The Canon EOS Rebel T2i is a continuation of Canon's entry-level line of DSLR cameras, the Rebel series. Also known as the EOS 550D and the EOS Kiss X4.

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My canon keeps turning off on its own.

My canon had been working just fine and out of nowhere it started turning off on its own. The screen goes black after a couple of photos for no reason. Every time this happens I take the fully charged battery off and put on my 2nd fully charged battery. Then it turns on again and allows me to use it again for some photos and ends up turning back off. If I simply take it off and then put back in the same battery it doesn't work. I have to put on the other battery. Either way it ends up dying and it only works for a while when I change the batteries. There's no message at all. The screen goes black and it won't turn on.

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Are the batteries original Canon or generic replacements?


@flyingdutchman the batteries are both original


@futuero That's weird. The only thing I can think of is the battery cutting out. Most batteries have a cutout that protects them from overloads (the camera drawing too much current) and resets by itself after a while. Does the camera get warm?


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In your settings, there should be a feature for battery life consumption. But I don't remember what the setting says, it's been awhile since I had mine and I sold it a while back.

But I had to change the setting to 'NEVER' turn off the display.

Think of this feature like your computer, it has the same feature to turn off the display after so many minutes.

Look in your setting in the camera you'll find it.

Hope this helps.

Ronnie Rokk Smith

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Have you confirmed that both batteries are still good?

Have you tried putting in a fully charged battery and put the camera in video mode? See how long it will record.

(just a couple of thoughts...)


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