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The March 2015 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Air features fifth generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, resulting in slightly increased performance and battery life.

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MacBook not turned on when trackpad/keyboard flex is connected

After liquid spill, there were some water inside when opened up the laptop. The battery was dead and no where else showed liquid damage (red sticker). Cleaned with isopropyl alcohol to be sure.

At first it was fine turning on but found the battery dead so ordered new battery.

After changed to new battery it was hard to turn on but when finally got it turned on, trackpad/keyboard wouldn't work.

Found burned marks on the flex cable from logic board to trackpad, replaced it. Also replaced keyboard.

-The laptop now only turn on if I remove the flex and short the laptop.

-When the flex is connected, it would not turn on no matter how hard I tried(no fan no sound no nothing). When SMC reset while flex is connected, the light turn from orange to green for a sec or two then back to orange for charging.

-Battery won't charge at all with the flex cable connected, it did charge if flex cable is not connected.

I had new keyboard and flex yet nothing works quite right, should I even try to replace trackpad?

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Changing the trackpad fixed the problem.


I had the same errors code as you (PFM006 and PPN001) after a liquid spill on the trackpad. Apple Certified place told me to replace the logic board ($1000), I was about to give up trying to fix the mac myself until I saw your post. So I just changed the trackpad and now my macbook pro (15" 2018) works perfectly! Thank you!


i changed the logic board still doesnt work


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GMaster, I'm a professional Mac repair guy and this is over my head. If you came in as a customer I would tell you it's a money pit. The only guy I know that might have a shot at it is Louis Rossman of the Rossman Group.

He's a New Yorker so brace yourself if you talk to him. I don't personally care for him but I do respect his knowledge. It may take him five weeks to get to it, if it's not repairable you only get charged for the return shipping, expect about $40 for that. It will probably be expensive but far cheaper than a new machine.

'Course that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.

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Hi Mayer,

Thank you for the advice!

I did find Louis Rossman's video, he seem extremely talented in what he's doing, I would love to learn from him (he teach personal classes per what it says on his website) if only I'm located in NY too.

From my research, it could be one of 2 things.

First it could be like in this video that Louis posted, that's for MBP tho

2nd, I would like to think that it's the faulty temp sensor on the trackpad after a liquid spills.

-Similiar error code etc (altho their laptop is not as dead as mine) Water spilled on my laptop and now became very slow

- this guy got both

PFM006 and PPN001 like me, and it was fixed by replaced top case

I'm leaning toward the 2nd one, and hoping for it since it's a cheaper fix if it is lol. I already ordered a new trackpad, I'll report back when it comes.


@gmaster - Great, I'm glad you found those videos. Water damage can be the one most frustrating thing about Mac repair. I just don't know enough about it. I've spent to many hours on them to be worth my time with to little success. Good luck.


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unfortunately, it looks like a logic board damage.

Try power on to Apple Hardware Test (D or Option-D) with usb keyboard plugged in and post result



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Hello Kris,

Thank you for taking your time to answer.

A Hardware test gave me a couple of error codes.

The first one is NDR001 - Trackpad (it's ok because it wasn't connected)

The other 2 is

PFM006 - "there may be an issue with the SMC"

PPN001 - "there may be an issue with power management system"



I'm afraid that there are deeper logic board problems (voltage regulator etc.), mate so replacing it might be necessary




Hi Kris,

Thanks again for you time.

I was hoping it would have been a less serious problem, but I guess it is what it is.

Replacing the logic board would be my last choice since it cost so much, if possible can you give me some details of where the voltage sensor is on the board? (I've actually just realized I posted on the wrong forum, my laptop should be early 2014 model, I'm sorry everyone)

If I can get the location and info(how much it's suppose to measure, etc) on the sensor, i'll try to ask my coworkers do diagnosis and solder/replace. Our work place do electronics, just not macbook airs lol.

Much appreciations!



unfortunately I've no further knowledge regarding this issue, mate (my Macbook education ended up on 2010 A1342 :) ) so won't be able to help you more :(

what i'd suggest is online research and /or local repair shop (not Apple own of course :) )





Thank you for your effort Kris. I'll try to get some more research before putting down that heavy dough lol.


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