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The Motorola Razr V3c is a CDMA2000 version of the Razr.

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Volume doesn't work except on speakerphone

Cannot hear the caller except through speakerphone. The caller can hear me though.

Help is most appreciated.

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there are normally only 2 possible faults.

one would be the cable that connects the top with the bottom part and the other one would be a faulty earpiece.

search ebay for the parts - but it's not an easy job!

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cannot hear the caller except on speakerphone.but the caller can hear me.motorola razr v3 g.s.m

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take a look at markus answer and the guides linked on the right. if theyre no help please start your own question. if markus answer is helpful then mark it up to help others or add a comment


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a guide for repairing the ear-piece speaker would be grand.

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