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O iPhone 5C da Apple foi lançado em 10 de Setembro de 2013. O reparo deste smartphone é similar aos modelos anteriores. Você precisará de chaves de Fenda/Philips/Torx 0.8 e espátulas de plástico. Disponível nas versões GSM ou CDMA / 8, 16, 32 GB / Branco, Rosa, Amarelo, Azul e Verde.

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Change battery + lightning port, iPhone won't charge


I have an iPhone 5c.

I change the battery and the lightning connector.

The iPhone is not charging. When I plug it, the white apple lights, then disappears. and do it again.

My old lightning connector was still working but really badly (the connection with the cable was really bad) but it allowed me to do some tests.

I can charge the battery and make the phone work with the new battery and the old lightning connector. (I can't do it anymore because the old lightning connector doesn't work anymore.) --> looks like the new battery is working.

I bought 2 different new lightning connectors, same results.

Is it possible that because of the combinaison of a new battery and a new lightning connector, it is not working?

Update (03/28/2016)


Sorry for the delay. Here are some pictures.

Block Image

Block Image

Thank you for your answer.


Update (03/29/2016)

Here is the picture with the connectors. Not sure if I really answer the Rany's question though.

Block Image

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Is that your new battery? It looks damaged.

Has this phone had water damage? Looks to be some sand or something in the top near the camera.


Yes it is the new battery. I actually have 2 of them. They are new, and worked well with the older Lightning connector (when it was still working). Since then I didn't really used the phone.


It is possible (though rare) that you may have gotten a bad lightning port. If you've tried @rany 's checks, you might have a bad one.


I actually bough 2 of them, It does the same thing every time. Thank you for your help guys


From what I've seen, nothing is missing. To make sure though, remove the black tape next to the battery connector - the one covering the board, very gently to avoid lifting any components with it. Also twist the battery connecter up, as well as the dock connector, and re-take that picture. Need a clear image of those connectors with nothing covering them.

You did not answer also if you can restart the phone without the power button flex cable plugged in. Have you tried the way I described below in my answer?


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I guys! I finally fixed my phone!

At the Genius Bar, they told me that maybe it was because some pins of my lightning connector were dead.

I bought a third one, and my phone is working now.

Important note: I was using a cheap NON APPLE lightning cable before, and I think it killed my lightning connectors!

Thank you for all your help!

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Can you take a high-resolution picture of the area around the battery and lightning connector on the board, and while at it make sure nothing is missing there? If there is damage in that area, it could be causing this.

Also typically, when you connect the charger and phone starts bootlooping, it could be that it is not seeing the battery. Could also be due to a missing or damaged component.

If you see nothing missing, another reason could be because the power button is damaged. Disconnect the power button flat cable from the board, plug in screen, plug in battery, and connect to the charger, what happens? Does it still boot loop?


I cannot see from the picture that something is missing. At this point you have to rule out corrupted NAND/software. I hope you don't have any important data on your phone, and that you can replace the Power-Mute-Volume cable.

Use the battery and connector that you think are functional, and use them to put your iPhone in DFU mode, NOT restore mode: connect your iPhone to your computer and start iTunes. Then turn off your iPhone. Wait for a minute so that it is completely off. Now press and hold Power Button 1 second, keep pressing Power Button and now also press and hold Home Button. Wait for 12 seconds, then release the Power Button. Keep pressing Home Button another 15 seconds until iTunes tells you that it has detected a phone in restore mode. At this point choose to download and restore your iPhone.

Alternatively if you don't want to replace the P-M-V cable yet, you can try from restore mode although I am highly doubtful it will be successful if your firmware is corrupted: start iTunes on your laptop. Turn off your iPhone. Press and hold Home Button THEN connect your iPhone to your laptop. Keep holding the Home Button until iPhone starts and shows you the "connect to iTunes" cable and/or iTunes tells you it has detected a device in restore mode. Choose to download and restore from iTunes. Hope this help.

If you rule out bad firmware, and your battery and dock connector are also confirmed good, at this point it becomes a guessing game OR you nicked something off the board somewhere during your repair attempt and it needs to be examined using good magnification; voltages and power consumption have to be measures, etc.

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