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iPhone 5 won't close tight after screen replacement

iPhone 5 won't close tight after screen replacement as shown in the photo:

Block Image

I have correctly lined up the screen at the top but it cannot fit at the bottom because the phone was smashed at the top of the rear case.

Block Image

It's just less than a mm, can I force it or should I buy a new rear case?

I have tried to "pull" the smashed part out of the phone but it's quite difficult, which tools do you suggest for that?

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I usually use a specific tool for this called "G-tool." Your alternative is to use pliers. There is a big risk of separating the bottom and top frame from the middle one, depending on which one you're trying to repair.

You can also file the frame of the phone. The plastic part, from the inside/bottom of the frame. Don't file the glass otherwise you'll ruin the screen.

Alao make sure nothing is pushing up such as a loose screw stuck to loud speaker or ear speaker. Make sure also you are tucking the screen underneath the top part of the frame them pushing down the bottom.

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The screen is an exact fit, if there is a dent stopping it from fitting straight then it's not going to fit properly.

There's so much you can get away with but if it's bad it won't fit.

Like Rany said g-tool is the best bet or use some pliers and protect the housing as much as you can cause it's likely to destroy it. Sometimes I shed parts of the bezel off with a razor blade to make it fit. It doesn't look any different.

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Do you mean I could try to shave the plastic frame of the screen assembly on the bottom as it appears in photo n.1? it's just a for a few that it doesn't close..anyway I am thinking about replacing the hole housing cover as I have already bought it, I think it is the best option.

I have checked out the G-Tool but it appears to be expensive and it's not available in Europe.


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