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The Macintosh Powerbook 140 was an early Apple Laptop computer. It features a large power cable, battery, trackball instead of a trackpad, was one of the first Apple computers to use an internal floppy disk, and adjustable keyboard height. It was also the first laptop to feature a keyboard toward the back of the computer unit.

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Help! My screen won't work!

I recently got an old Macintosh Powerbook 140. I have plugged it in, and when I power it on, I hear the startup sound, and the speakers emit a tone, but the screen displays nothing. I have checked for any visible damage, and there appears to be none. It may be of note that the computer hasn't been used at all for the past 20 years. I do know that the last report of its use was that the screen was a bit touchy. 20 years ago, the screen could only be seen from the correct angle, but now there is nothing. Can anyone help?

I should also note that I have little experience with physical electronics. I work well with technical stuff, but I only have a basic understanding of electronic terms. If you could explain and terms for me, that would be great. I can do some work with electronic components, but I don't trust myself with big overhaul or too much soldering. If you have any solutions that require little or no of said things, that would be great.

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Also, if anyone knows a lot about the powerbook 140, pleas add your info in a guide on the Powerbook 140 guide page. Thanks!


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very common failure in these machines : LCD caps and inverter caps are gone , must recap lcd screen and inverter with new capacitors , i solved this problem with all my powerbooks 140-145b-160

see this video :

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If you’re still looking all these years later this may be the answer you’re looking for…

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I actually still am. Hard to believe I first asked so many years ago! This has very much been on a backburner since about then. Caps might be the problem, but the hard drive seems to have some sort of corruption. It's a [presumably] older black drive with the rounded edges. I've tried the unit with a newer, sliver, sharped-cornered hard drive, and it seemed to work. I really wanted the original drive, but I've found no way to move data over thus far.

All that being said, this has been on a backburner for a couple years so the details I can remember are sparse.


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