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not spinning hard disch drive

my hard disc drive doesnt want to load windows and makes a weird noise i think the motor is stuck how do i fix this or is this unfixable (link to the video i made: )

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Hello Pascal,

In most cases when a hard drive is making any kind of noise it usually means it is failing or has already failed. In this instance if the operating system you are trying to install is taking an unusually long time or is not installing at all, more likely than not it is time to replace the drive.

Have you attempted to initiate a diagnostic scan on the drive? Depending on the laptop you have in your possession some come with just such a tool. Please refer to the manufacturers website for information on how to initiate this scan.

I highly recommend that if the HDD is under warranty that you contact the manufacturer and put in a claim for a replacement. If it is determined that the fault rests with the manufacturer you should have a replacement fairly quickly.

If it is not covered under warranty I would recommend that you purchase a solid state drive with similar or equal capacity as they tend to be more resilient than the drives with moving parts. Please keep in mind that the higher capacity drives tend to price higher than their mechanical counterparts.

I hope this helps you.



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thank you sadly my pc wont reconize the the HDD and my warrenty has expired

but anyways thanks for your help

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