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Model A1046 or A1095 / 1280x854 screen resolution

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My apple power cord stopped working and makes a clicking sound

My power cord stopped working and makes a clicking sound. I bought an apple replacement cord - and that did not work. Then I bought a third party replacement cord - and that did not work. So now I think it might be the power receptictcal in the computer - does anybody know if this might be the case and if it's something one can replace. If so are there instructions and parts available?

Thank you

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Did you replace just the cord that goes to the power brick or the whole thing like this:

Where is the clicking coming from? The brick or the Mac?


Thank you for asking -

I replaced the whole power cord, twice... once with the APPLE model and currently with the one you sent an Amazon link to.

The clicking was coming from 'the brick' - between the AC plug and the mac.... the 'converter'



Thanks - however the clicking is from the original BRICK - so i doubt I'm using a lesser wattage power adapter for this machine it's the original - it will not power on with any adapter. If it's something internal in the MAC - is it something I might be able to replace - and what part(s) would it be?



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I believe this is the power rectifying circuit or thermal relay causing the clicking from your machine trying to draw to much power. Feel the brick and see if it's getting warm or hot. These models used a 65 watt adapter. Using a lesser wattage power adapter would cause the clicking.

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