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Apple released the slimmed-down, buffed up iPad Air on November 1, 2013 in a choice of Space Gray or Silver. It packs the custom A7 processor and ships in 16, 32, 64, and 128 GB configurations.

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Can you open my iPad?

I have an iPad that I bought from someone else. It will not let me use it, I must bypass iCloud activation. I saw on a video that the only way to get rid of it is ti remove the resistor. So would I be able to send you my iPad and have you do it, or do you know what to search for, for someone who can fix it for me?


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Next time keep holding the gun on on the "someone else" till they give you the password. Even the FBI can't get into this without positive identification from the original owner.

Want a scam? Read up on just how to pay for a resistor to get into it. If the US Government (FBI, CIA, NSA) can't do it to stop terrorism, you don't stand a chance.

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I just answer to this quite old topic.

What kind of IPAD ?

To do simple:

1) if it's an IPAD WIFI + Cellular then that's right that there is basically one resistor to remove (resistor R1506 for example in IPAD Air) . Then after reassembling the Ipad, when you power it on, it automatically enters in DFU mode and you will have to connect it to Itune on a computer and restor it using the firmware dedicated to your model WIFI only . Also after all is done, don't forget to turn off the automatic firmware update in your Ipad's settings.

2) if it's an IPAD WIFI only: sorry ! no real way. It's been reported that unsoldering the Nand and changing it by a new one you will find on site like Alliexpress and then, restoring the Ipad would work, but I have some doubts.

I see on Ebay so many Ipad sold as not working only because the are Icloud Locked! how is this possible?

Prior any transcation with a seller, ask him to give you the IMEI or serial number printed on the back of the machine and check with

If the seller doesn't want to give you the serial number , then go away!

If the seller "doesn't know" -in case of Icloud-lock - the password , then go away!

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How the things change quickly!

Answer I postes is still valid for hardware purpose. But now if the issue seems the same for a cellular device , why would you waste money and time for a risky Nand removal on a wifi device . When for 10 bucks you can have you Wifi device permanently cleaned of Find My Device ?.

i don't know how it works, if it' s a leak or something else but what is proposed on some auction site that everybody know is true.


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