Mic not working after replacing housing


My mic hasn't been working after replacing the housing on my 6+

It seems to work when I blow in the mic but very quietly, do you have any ideas what the issue could be?


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High Matt,

You need to explain what mic? Bottom or front facing?

Because there are 3 mics in your phone.

One is at the back of the phone, small hole next to the back cam, used for "noise reduction."

Second (main) is at the bottom, used for placing normal calls.

Third is next to the front facing cam, used for placing hands-free calls.

This third one is on a flat cable that also comprises front facing cam, proximity and light sensors, and of course ear speaker.

Often during screen replacement, that flat cable is not properly reseated, or plain damaged.

Often also, the front facing mic is not properly inserted in the rubber gasket.

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Make sure the mic is not covered near the bottom of the housing. Make sure the mic is lined up with the output hole in the housing.

You can also try to reconnect the dock connector.

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It is the bottom mic used for the calls. I feel as though it mightn't be lining up properly... When swapping over the case I had to swap a plastic bottom part which seems to sit in the hole, and also a piece of mesh which seems to go over the mic hole... Can't seem to find any info about how to fix it, I guess i'll just have to pull it all apart again

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